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Maravila beach/hotel 
Dambulla views/caves 
tanks views/sun set/lezards 
king Parakrama bahu + divers temples
Polonnaruwa palace/temples/monkeys   
Sigiriya rock forteress  
Elephant ride/bathing 
Some fun...
Kandy - Temple of the Tooth...  
Kandy - botanical garden  
Kandy - Traditional Kandyan & Low Country Dances 
Kandy - View from hill + around 
Elephant orphenage of Pinnawela 
Kitulgala - "jungle" walk 
Around the tea fields 
The end of the world ???? drops, Ella
High technology break : tea factory  
the Safary at Yala 
Tangalla - harbour, street, fishermens  
Galle - fortified town 
Colombo - temple....
And finally, the group !!!!  

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